About Us

Our Mission

Here at GoNummo we know that a home-style meal is something that is harder and harder to come by.

We also know that the alternative, pre-packaged meals from the grocery store and greasy, over-priced, unhealthy fast-food is hard on your health, your wallet, and your family – including yourself.

We believe that no matter how much you may have on your plate, it should still include a delicious meal. That is why we have created the world’s most convenient take-out market place, linking you up with the very best chefs and cooks in your community.

On GoNummo you can explore exotic traditional ethnic dishes so good you would have to travel to their country of origin to experience them, try tantalizing off-menu specials available only to GoNummo users, or enjoy family classics as good as Mom or Dad used to make, and best of all you can do it all on your schedule.

So go ahead, start ordering or posting meals today and join the home-style meal revolution. And remember whether you are a buyer or a seller, you can feel amazing with every order you place on GoNummo knowing that you are helping to end hunger in your community.