Best Practices

Be the best GoNummo Chef you can

Know Your Market

Every community will have different demographics and this will play key to what people crave.  A busy residential area may have a large desire for family style meals, where as a busy down-town core may have a large number of working professionals that require individual style meals while working late.

Sometimes Different Is Best

Here at GoNummo we think that a lot of food has gotten very boring.  Most contemporary menus from chain restaurants have similar variations of the same old dish.  People love to explore and see what you make better than anyone else, so secret family recipes and traditional ethnic dishes that people will never get to experience elsewhere are sure to become instant favorites.

Pricing Is Key

Join the home-style meal revolution and keep your costs low.  In-restaurant food is priced high because it has to be.  Restaurants have bills upon bills to cover with their food and drinks – staff, rent, utilities, office supplies, accounting, uniforms, linen, menu productions, even the free ice you get in every glass.  GoNummo is meant to be a service that provides food in addition to that which is already being prepared.  It is a matter of convenience for both the GoNummo Chef and the GoNummo Customer.  The only additional cost could potentially be the added ingredients required to produce extra GoNummo meals.

Do You Have The Right Licensing?

Remember every community and region in the world will have it’s own regulations about food production.  As we are a global food service provider, it is our goal to link up busy individuals and families with amazing home style meals.  We remind all GoNummo Chefs that it is their responsibility, as set up in their user agreement, to acquire all required licensing and certification documents necessary in their area.

Quality, Quality, Quality

We cannot express this enough.  Quality is king and queen when it comes to food.  Quality will generate repeat customers and amazing reviews.  GoNummo meals are meant to be the very best home style cooking available to individuals and families.  If a GoNummo Chef consistently gets poor reviews on the quality of ingredients they are providing, their account may be terminated at any point.  If you would not be proud to serve it to your loved ones, do not serve it to our loved customers.

Your GoNummo Dishes

Have some amazing meals to post?  Here are some things to consider: Pictures, Packaging, Presentation – Speak A Million Words.  Our three Ps are very important when it comes to building your clientele.  Pictures say a lot when it comes to food.  As the age old adage goes, “we eat with our eyes first.”  A high quality photo that looks enticing will draw people to your dish immediately.  When people pick up their GoNummo meal, neat and proper consistent packaging will help develop your brand.  Consider placing your own logos on your packaging to stand out from other GoNummo chefs and always ask your customers if you can include any additional condiments that you feel would increase their enjoyment of the meal.  Once the GoNummo Foodies open their packaging, they want to see well presented dishes.  Opening a nice container in anticipation of a wonderful meal, only to find a mess of mismashed ingredients together is always an appetite turn off.  Keep everything looking fresh, clean, cosistentent, and delicious and you will become a top GoNummo Chef in no time.

Have it Ready When You Say You Will.  GoNummo is all about the home style meal revolution.  People need your help to have amazing to-go meals based on their busy lifestyle.  If you say you will have a meal ready at a certain time make sure you do.  To become a top GoNummo Chef DO NOT have it prepared well in advance so it is cold.

Does Your Listing Rock?   Keep your listing simple.  Make sure your title lets people immediately know what the dish it.  Keep your descriptions simple.  Fresh ingredients, flavours, and how it is cooked is really what people want to know.  You don’t need to get into the whole recipe. And don’t forget to let people know when you are posting via your social media.  Friends of your business will have an established relationship with you and will be eager to support you.

Protect Yourself And Your Clients

All transactions are run through the GoNummo Platform Because: We ensure payment if customers choose not to show up.  A tricky thing with busy people is sometimes they get side tracked.  We know our customers are busy and if they get side tracked it is not your fault.  We collect payment immediately upon order so even if they choose not to pick up the food, you still get paid for your time and ingredients. We track all orders.  If there is ever a discrepancy as to what was promised, we have a record of the placed order including the posted ad, agreed upon times, dietary promises, and any additional information. Safety.  By avoiding any cash transactions we ensure the safety of the GoNummo customers, GoNummo Chefs, and the transactions themselves.  With our double ended registration system, including links to phone numbers, we do our best to make sure everyone involved has a wonderful, safe experience.